Multimédia on Linux

This page explain how to configure multimedia on Linux. This means to be able to read the following files :

  • Wav
  • MP3
  • OGG
  • DIVX
  • XVID
  • DVD

This section doesn't deal about kernel config and drivers, for this part please look at ALSA

Softs :

  • XMMS
  • Xine
  • Mplayer
    • glurp
    • ncmpc
    • jinzora


Christian Marillat does provide a debian repository with all software required to play video.

For more details, please look at

To install them, add the following line to etc/apt/source.list (for debian testing) : deb testing main Add also the GPG key of Christian to validate the packages : gpg –keyserver –recv-keys 1F41B907

gpg --armor --export 1F41B907 | apt-key add -

Install the following pakages and their depencies :

  • w32codecs
  • mplayer (et toutes ses dépedances)
  • libdvdcss2


To listen to music, the most famous player is xmms.

You can also check glurp with MPD.

For video playback, famous players are Xine and Mplayer.


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