Dokuwiki is one of the best open source wiki.
You will find here how to install it and configure a wiki similar to this site.

The main features of Dokuwiki are :

  • an easy install to get a running wiki
  • the ability to add new features with plugins
  • template support to customize the look & feel
  • all datas are saved as files, so you still have access to them if your web server isn't working.

If you need help to choose with wiki suits you, check

This page descibes how to install and customize Dokuwiki, most parts are optional.

:!: Last updated for version 2011-05-25 “Rincewind”


To understand how to install a brand new Dokuwiki, look at Dokuwiki Install.


Dokuwiki allows to define access rights on the different pages, for more details, look at Dokuwiki Security.


Plugins are a good way to improve features, like multilingual support or wysiwyg edition.
The plugins I use are described here : Dokuwiki Plugins.


The template system allows to easily change the look and feel of the wiki, Dokuwiki Templates explains how to install the template of this website.

LDAP Authentication

Hints and tips

Regenerate the search index

You may need to regenerate the search index, for example after a migration. There is a command line for that : indexer.php.
To use it, you need the cli of php (package php5-cli).

/opt/dokuwiki/bin# su www-data
/opt/dokuwiki/bin$ php indexer.php -c
Searching pages... 96 pages found.
cuisine:caramelbeurresale... done.
cuisine:crepes... done.
cuisine:start... done.
cuisine:tatin... done.
/opt/dokuwiki/bin$ exit

Create the sitemap

The Sitemap index is read by Google to index the website.

To enable it, you need to change the “sitemap” option to 1

The sitemap file is available with the path /wiki/doku.php?do=sitemap, example :


List of files to backup.

With an install from debian repository :

  • /etc/dokuwiki/apache.conf
  • /etc/dokuwiki/local.php
  • /usr/share/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/default/footer.html
  • /var/lib/dokuwiki/

With a manual install for sources :

  • /opt/dokuwiki


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