Dokuwiki Plugins

This page describes the plugins I use with DokuWiki :


Url :

To install it, copy the download link inside the plugin manafer (admin interface).
Next it's possible to select options inside the Configuration manager.

Options for :

  • plugin»translation»translations : en
  • plugin»translation»translateui : yes
  • plugin»translation»checkage : yes

To enable it, you need to add the following code in your template :

$translation = &plugin_load('helper','translation');
if ($translation) echo $translation->showTranslations();

Check Dokuwiki Templates to install an already enable template.

Editx & Page Redirector

Url :

This plugin replace pagemove, it allows to move or delete a page.
You also need to install Page Redirector to allow page redirection.

Once installed, an new section “Page Management” is available on the edit form of Dokuwiki.`
This features are available for users with write/delete rights.

Tag & Pagelist

Url :

This plugin allows to tag the content.
Tag needs Pagelist to fully work.

Once the plugin installed, you can add a tag with the following code :

{{tag>[list of tags]}}

You can also get the list of the pages tagged with the following code :


For more information, please visit the plugin website.

Google Analytics for DokuWiki

Url :

This plugin allow to insert the google analytics code in each page.

Once installed, you need to configure the Google Analytics ID in plugin»googleanalytics»GAID.


Url :

This plugin gives statistics on the internal search feature of dokuwiki.
Once installed, a new link is available on the admin page.

You can use searchstats data with cloud.


Url :

This plugin allows to display on a cloud :

The syntax to use is :



Url :

Edittable is a plugin that add wysiwyg edition of tables inside Dokuwiki.
It is included inside Ickewiki, a dokuwiki based wiki, you have to extract it and copy it inside dokuwiki.
Another way is to use the following link hosted on this website : edittable_2011-01-06
Edittable is availabe under GPL licence.

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